Image Annotation

Amenity can help you to categorize the image at enterprise scale. Our image classification solution makes sure that everything gets labeled quickly and accurately. You can classify the images on the basis of quality, content type or any other custom criteria decided by you.

Text Annotation

Amenity can help you categorize the text documents based on the different topics using Topic Modelling. We can help you find the entities (NER) form the documents, relations between words, etc. Also we can help you take deep dive in your docs with Sentiment Analysis, Text Summarization, Aspect Mining using POS(Parts-Of-Speech).


Amenity can help you to turn your audio and video content into the highest accurate text.  Through a combination of the latest in speech-to-text technology and the very best in human intelligence, we are able to deliver a suite of speech-to-text products that can be utilized for any use case and in multiple languages.

Sound & Audio Annotations

The Amenity annotation team is capable of exploring the audio features and annotating the corpus with intelligent audio information. All types of sounds recorded as audio files can be annotated with additional keynotes and suitable metadata. Each word in the audio is carefully listened to by the annotators in order to recognize the speech correctly with our sound annotation service.

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