Slotted Waveguide Antenna & Axially Corrugated Horn Antenna

Our software design and their performance take an important role in the Satellite communication system and space exploration task. You can see our simulated design of slotted waveguide antenna and axially corrugated horn antenna in the picture. We provide software design of many waveguide devices like filter, OMTs (orthomode transducer), polarizer (linear & circular), horn (axially, ring loaded, etc), diplexer (multihole and multiport), rotary joint, etc.

Reflector antenna systems

In satellite communication and earth station, parabolic reflector systems play an important role due to the higher gain with a wide bandwidth. To get the optimum performances from the parabolic reflector antenna system, the feed will play an important role. You can see our simulated design of the offset reflector system in the picture.

Type of reflector antenna which we design:

  • Prime Focus & Off-Set Feeds
  • Ring Focus & Cassegrain Feeds

Applications Include:

  • Satellite Communication
  • Earth Observation
  • Deep Space Missions
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Spectrum monitoring

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