LLM Application

Case Study 1

AI-powered Document Parsing Reduces Response Time by 90%

For one of client we helped them with parsing the documents with LLMs and in that they were able to find the key information from the documents in minutes and run some business logic over it. This reduced the response time from average 3-4 hours to 4-5 mins max. In this we have also trained our own deep learning model which will find all the personal information and remove it so that when passing it to ChatGpt or any other LLM we do not send any sensitive data.

Case Study 2

AI Chatbot Revolutionizes Employee Training and Customer Support

For one of client we helped them with creating AI powered chatbot which can take PDFs, FAQs, SOPs, Manuals as input and then one can chat with it in natural language. It help them with training of Employees quickly and with less man power, serving the customer betters with improvement in customer support, turn the old data into data which now they can interact, analyse in human language.

Case Study 3

AI and ML Solution Automate Invoice Processing, Reduce Time by 60%, and Improve Accuracy

One of our client was struggling to manually process its complex invoices. The invoices had multiple components, including multiple tax amounts, round off, and total. Additionally, the invoices often contained images of products and logos. This made it difficult and time-consuming to extract the key information needed for accounting and other purposes.
The AI and machine learning solution (LLMs and Image processing) has helped the company to reduce the time it takes to process invoices by 60%. Additionally, the solution has improved the accuracy of the invoice extraction process, resulting in fewer errors.

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